Patricia Kinsella Textile Weaving Workshop Florence 2019

“I really loved it all, and the light touch you and Simon bring to a tour. To me it was essentially so much more wonderful than I dared to imagine! Thank you!” Mary, Australia

“I have been thinking a lot about Florence and the workshop, and I just loved every minute of it. The accommodation was perfect and in a great location, and the tours were great. Now to the workshop with Patricia: there is only one word: FANTASTIC! Everybody loved it. You and Simon were so caring and organised as well that you made every day just wonderful…. As much as I am trying to think about, there was nothing negative at all! Thank you again for a wonderful time” Michele, Australia 

“After experiencing your wonderful tour in Florence I’m so impressed with the standard of your tours” Gail, Australia

Handwoven Textiles Fondazione Lisio Weaving Workshop 2019

“This was the trip of a lifetime for me! I love Italy, weaving and history, so the tour was the perfect combination. Highlights for me were the class at Lisio, getting to design and weave a project on a Jacquard loom was a dream come true. I also loved the places that you arranged for us to visit, an amazing variety of experiences. Getting to meet and interact with the owners and family businesses was so exciting. I thank you for a wonderful tour and hope our paths cross sometime.” Jennie, USA

“An awesome experience” Gail, Canada

“So happy to have been able to weave on these looms!!” Sharon, Canada

Handwoven Textiles Fondazione Lisio Weaving Workshop 2018

“What a trip, loved it. I found the two of you to be like old friends. I hope we can keep in touch and travel together again” Linn, USA

“Thanks so much for such a great trip. So many happy memories! You arranged a good mix of meeting real people doing real things, good food, and ample time to explore. Thank you, I so enjoyed our time in Italy, I would happily recommend the tour and probably will” Eleanor, USA

“Kudos to Sarah & Simon for a phenomenal tour! The agenda was well thought out and we had access to an amazing and varied set of artisans of a calibre you don’t often meet. There was enough downtime to sit and mull over what we’d seen, or sightsee and shop, if that’s what we wanted. They gave us maps in each location, personalised for us, showing major sites, artisans, friendly restaurants, and so on. I give it an A+, all thumbs up.” Ange, USA

“This was a fantastic experience from every angle, and I feel extremely fortunate to have been part of it. Many thanks to you and Simon for your careful planning and attentive help along the way. I have so many wonderful memories of our tour, and hope that there will be more in the future.” Gretchen, USA