How many people are there on each tour?

We intentionally keep our tour and workshop groups small (typically 4 - 12 people) to ensure a more personal experience, more tailored tutelage and hopefully inspire deeper connections between participants.

How much walking is there?

This can vary widely depending on the tour, some tours such as Milan Design Week and Scandinavian Design involve considerable amounts of walking, while a weaving or lithography workshop would be more about sitting or standing, and working with your hands. Where possible we like to incorporate self-guided walking itineraries with customised maps, allowing participants to go at their own pace, stop when they want to and move on when they wish. 

Do your tours take in the main tourist sites and cultural landmarks?

Ideally you’ve seen some of the sights of Europe before, and on our tour hope to enjoy a more ‘behind-the-scenes’ view of the places we visit. Call it taking the road less travelled. Our tour itineraries do however include free time where you can explore the tourist sites if you wish, and we are more than happy to assist with this.

How much time do you spend at each destination?

We believe traveling at a slower pace, allowing time to take in your surroundings and getting to know a place is important. For this reason we typically stay a minimum of 3 nights in each destination. 

What is included and excluded in each tour package?

Flights and travel insurance are not included. Inclusions and exclusions can be found on the detailed description of each tour. If you have any further queries, please contact us.

Do I need insurance?

All participants are required to have their own travel insurance policy in place. We recommend purchasing adequate insurance for the entirety of your trip. Insurance is not included in the workshop or tour fee.