Milan Design Week #1 Event in Dezeen Hot List

This week Dezeen released its 2016 Hot List, ranking the most newsworthy, searched-for and influential designers, architects, events and brands from the past year.

Milan Design Week ranked #1 in the Event category and #3 in the overall Hot List of 400 items. Read the Dezeen story below and checkout our Milan Design Week 2017 tour.

"Milan's design week is the biggest annual get-together in the calendar and the highest-ranking event in our Hot List. Its position at number three is testament to Milan's enduring importance to the design world and proof that no other design week comes close to matching its influence.

Interestingly "Milan Design Week" is not really a thing at all but rather a made-up umbrella term used as shorthand for all the various design-related activity that takes place in the city each April.

The biggest of these is the official Salone del Mobile furniture fair, which is located in the giant Rho Fiera fairground outside the city and runs concurrently with activities located in defined areas such as Ventura Lambrate and Brera Design District.

But for our audience these distinctions don't seem to matter – either that or they are confused about what the week is called and don't know where to go for information. This is borne out by the diversity of the search terms our readers used to find our Milan content, with people entering all kinds of different combinations of terms and spellings.

Our most popular posts about Milan this year were thematic previews and reviews that rounded up highlights from across the city, suggesting that our readers crave tips on how to navigate the vast number of exhibitions in the city, and want help deciphering what is important.

The lack of any single online resource for the week (and the generally poor websites of the big events) works to our advantage, since baffled fairgoers end up on our site. But it's also fair to say that the sheer number of stories we post about Milan – 250 this year, compared to 140 for the London Design Festival – creates a critical mass of content that generates strong Google juice, which in turns leads to lots of traffic."

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